Monday, November 12, 2007

Why young athletes are slow?

It is not uncommon to ovehear parents talking about how their kids need to run faster. There is not a single skill that will make more of an immediate impact than speed. It is no wonder that sports training centers are being built all over the country. Every parent wants their child to have an advantage over their competition. There are some great centers out there that allow these young athletes to reach their maximum potential. But there are some that are not even worth a second look. Many are filled with fancy equipment and drills to fool parents into bringing their child to these programs. In reality, kids in the age range of 10-16 are not going to grow optimally by learning a bunch of drills.

Drills may create an athlete that is more coordinated within that drill. But I think at that age the athlete must concentrate on strength, which is what is most lacking in these younger years. The reason being is that speed is mostly about how much force you can apply to the ground and how much force you can absorb. Don't get me wrong...I am not saying that technique, conditioning, agility, and mobility are not important. I am saying that most athletes at that age are just not strong enough and that must be exhausted first before you address all the other abilities that aid in developing complete speed.

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