Friday, August 22, 2008

The Diet Solution Program

Back to School means Back to Health!
It happens to the best of us. The kids get out of school and our exercise routines and healthy eating habits get thrown to the waste side. Evening trips to the ice cream shop, hours of sitting in a beach chair, long car rides where only fast food is available: all of these factors may have added a few extra pounds to you and your kids over the course of the summer. Now with the start of the school season how can you get yourself and your kids back on a good eating and exercise routine? The following 4 steps will help you lose those unwanted summer pounds and develop a good routine for the whole school year.

Pack your lunch. Not just your child’s lunch, but your lunch as well. Make meal preparation an activity that you do along with your kids. Include them in the process from start to finish. First start by making a grocery list of all the foods you will need for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. Remember that kids are more likely to eat healthy foods if they have chosen them themselves. Next, food shop together. And last, make lunches at the same time that you make dinner in the evening. Not only will your children enjoy the foods that they have prepared themselves but they will also learn the value of taking time to prepare healthy foods. Yes, we are all limited by time these days. But children who learn that healthy food takes time to prepare become teenagers and adults that will take the time to choose and prepare healthy foods. Children who eat on the run usually turn into teenagers who eat fast foods on the run who then turn into adults who eat fast food. This starts them on a downward spiral that will only lead to obesity and heart disease.

Schedule your exercise. Schedule your exercise routine around your child’s school schedule and/or activity schedule. For example, wear your gym clothes to drop your kids off at school and go directly to the gym. Not only will you be setting a great example for your children, you will be less likely to skip your workout if you are dressed and ready to go. You can also schedule your exercise time around your child’s sports or activity schedule. If you know your child has dance on certain days, at certain times, schedule your exercise during that time as well. If you prioritize your own exercise time this way, you will be showing your child how valuable exercise is and how it is an integral part of your day. Children who see you value and prioritize exercise time become adults who value and prioritize exercise time.

Make sure your back pack is packed the night before. Again, this does not only go for your child but it goes for you as well. What do you need to have set up at night to make the next morning run smoothly and free of chaos? When I was a little girl my mom would help us each night set up our clothes and backpacks the night before. Every night I would have to think about the next day’s activities and plan accordingly. Did I have dancing school after school? Was it gym day? Was I going to a friend’s for a play date? Now, as an adult, the questions are a bit different but still require planning and packing the night before. Am I going to the gym first thing in the morning? Do I need to pack my clothes for an after work workout? Am I meeting a friend for a run? Do I have some healthy snacks with me? This simple step each night still helps me, to this day, make each morning run smoothly.

Get a tutor or outside help. If your child was doing poorly in math, you would not just let him throw in the towel and drop math class. Same goes for your workouts and eating regimen. If you find that you’re struggling with your current plan, find yourself some outside support just as you would find your child a tutor or supplementary tutoring class. Join an exercise class at the gym, hire a trainer for a few sessions, consult with a nutritionist, find an exercise/nutrition support group. When one avenue doesn’t work, try a new strategy. You would never let your child just drop out of school if one method of learning wasn’t working. Same goes for your exercise and nutrition plan. No one plan works for everyone, so explore all your options and choose the best plan for you.

Remember that health should always be your highest priority. Teaching your child that health is just as important to their future as school will get them started on a life long path to healthy living.

Learn “The Top 5 Essential Truths You Must Know Before You Go on Any Diet Ever Again” from Isabel De Los Rios at Isabel is a nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coach who has helped hundreds of people lose their unwanted weight and take complete control of their health. She is the author of The Diet Solution Program, a complete and comprehensive nutrition program that is helping people all over the world finally reach their ideal weight. For more information on The Diet Solution Program and how it can help to change your life, visit

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playground Fitness Course

The Playground Fat Loss and Strength Course

The Questions:
1) Exercise takes too long
2) The diet is very restricted
3) Personal Trainers are very expensive
4) The Lifestyle is hard to maintain
5) The results do not last

The Solutions:

1) Density training gets results in as little as 25 minutes
2) Learn how to eat more and still enjoy foods that you like
3) The course is 5 months long at a total cost of $1000, which is $50 per week/ Money Back guarantee if you follow program and do not get results.
4) The system is about creating a lifestyle that can be maintained forever and is not a diet
5) Once you have learned the system, built strength, and muscle you will look great for the rest of your life

Where and When

The course is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 a.m.- 6 a.m. at Jamestown Park. The camp starts on August 12th and with it limited to 10 people you will want to respond quickly to ensure your spot.

What is included?

1) Strength Training Routine
2) Meal Plan
3) Small Group Accountability atmosphere
4) My Experience with hundreds of clients
5) Fat Loss Results
6) Flexibility Training
7) Monitoring from strength coach/ Tracking of results
8) Before and After pictures
9) Discount on Supplements
10) Access to me by email

Who is at the playground camp?

This camp will be limited to 10 participants that will be screened to make sure that they are serious.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Unleash your Primal Edge Review

Unleash Your Primal Edge by

Elliot Hulse

This book takes an in depth look into increasing your health and strength through a holistic approach. The information that fascinated me about this book was the numerous studies that were performed on primitive society. The book explains how the North American Indians and Africans would survive on a diet that was very dependant on meat intake. The interesting part was both of these primitive civilizations would choose the meats that had the most fat, and typically the organs. The organs were consumed because of the amount of vitamins that were located in them. It might be hard to believe that these people were healthy in the anti-fat society that we live in, but they were very healthy. The book features several combinations of exercises from beginner to advanced. There are several descriptions and pictures that demonstrate an endless variety of exercise and stretches.

The book is written in an easy to read format and can be used by any trainee with goals ranging from fat loss to some serious muscle gain. The goal of this book in my opinion was to show us that we could live a very healthy lifestyle without complete food restrictions if we exercise daily, strength train, and make an effort to control the quality of food that we consume. I would recommend this book to anyone that is serious about improving their health, eating without restriction, and achieving their fitness goals. Here is an excerpt from the book that found very interesting:

The Primal Edge in The North American Indians
After some time in Europe Dr. Price came back to America to study the various
native peoples of his homeland.The Native American’s lived for thousands of years completely isolated from “TheWhite Man”. These folks have adapted to their given environments and havelearned how to live WITH the land, not just on it.

The Indians of Canada and the Northern Regions
About them:

These folks lived in some cold weather! It was seventy below at some points.
This meant that they were definitely not farmers and if you told them that you had
to eat 7-12 servings of grains a day (food pyramid) they would put a hex on you!
They ate meat, meat and meat with some meat on the side. Every part of the
animal was eaten. Of greatest importance were the organs of the animals that
they ate. These wise people knew that it was in the organs that all of the potent
nutrition resided… not in the lean meat. In fact if the meat wasn’t fatty enough it
was fed to the dogs! (1)

Think about that the next time some puppet tells you to eat only lean meats and
chicken breast.There was no Colon Cancer… so out the window goes the Meat = Colon Cancer Theory.

These were rugged and intelligent people.
“They lived in a country in which grizzly bears were common. Their pelts were
highly prized and they captured many of them with baited pitfalls. Their
knowledge of the use of the different organs and tissues of the animals for
providing a defense against certain of the affections of the body which we speak
of a degenerative diseases was surprising.” (1)

Their “Fad Diet” consisted of:

• Wild Animals Of The Chase – Bear, Moose, Deer, Caribou etc. These
people were strong because the animals that they ate were strong. The
wild game that served as a staple in the Native American’s diet were
respected for their life-giving properties and lived off of the organic land
before being sacrificed for human consumption. I wonder where that
chicken nugget you had for lunch came from?

• Animal Organs – From the Rooter to the Tooter! The Natives knew that
the most nutritionally potent parts of the animal meal were the organs. In
fact when a kill was made, our savvy ancestors would immediately cut it
open and eat the adrenal glands, liver, pancreas and heart first. All the
other meat was either stored for later of given to the dogs… especially the
despised lean-meat.

• Veggies – If they were in the stomach of the animal. Why waste valuable
time and energy looking for veggies and cooking them when our friendly
animals will do all the work for us. The animals are so kind that they are
even willing to predigest the plant food for us. Primal man knew that meat
is much more nutrient dense than grains and greens so he ate the animals
who condensed all of the plant nutrition into tasty little bites.

• Sea Food – Fish, Fish Eggs and Sea Weed. Today our oceans are so
polluted that it is nearly impossible to get your hands on some clean,
untainted fish. So I don’t suggest dining out for sushi every evening. Fish
oil is essential and should be a part of every man’s diet. In the resources
section I will tell you how to get some really clean fish and what fish oils
are the best to use.Like the Swiss folks these people were not only healthy of body, they were ofsound emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Their nourishment andlifestyle is the obvious cause of this.

Listen to Dr. Price:

“The sense of honor among these tribes seems so strong that practically all
cabins, temporarily unoccupied due to the absence of the Indians on their
hunting trip, were entirely unprotected by locks… The people were remarkably
hospitable, and where they had not been taken advantage of were very kind.” (1)
These, like all of the people that Dr. Price studied were very healthy until they
came into contact with “modernized” peoples. It has been noted that medical
care and surgeries were almost unheard of amongst the folks living traditional
lives but, were rampant among those who adopted the “White Man’s Ways”.
For you to regain your Primal Edge, and avoid sickness and surgeries, take a
lesson from these people… Eat Real Food. I don’t care if your favorite athlete
tells you that it will make you run faster or hydrate you better than water, if it
wasn’t here 10,000 years ago- don’t eat it.

Unleash Your Primal Edge

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Carb Rotation Diet Review

The Carb Rotation Diet

By Jason Hunter

I am not a big fan of diets, because I think in order to make a life style difference you must have a lifetime nutritional plan. Although, the carb rotation diet describes a 30 day diet, it also explains how to maintain your weigh goals after you have completed the diet. The best part about this E-Book is that it is very straight forward and easy to read. Each page is filled with helpful tips that most people take for granted. For example, put your fork on your plate after every bite to ensure that you chew your food completely and do not over eat.

I am skeptical about diets, because I feel that the only way to lose weight that has been proven is to reduce your calories to the point of a calorie deficit. I feel that the carb rotation diet gives you another strategy to decrease your calories and create a deficit. The difference between the carb rotation diet and many other diets is that you will not count calories and you are allowed to enjoy your favorite carbs more often.

The book has a great chapter about reading labels, which can be very helpful in dealing the slick marketing of the food industry. I would have liked to see some more sample meal plans and workouts. But, maybe Jason did not want to rob the reader of the opportunity to be creative and learn how to plan effectively. This plan is effective and most of us know that losing weight is not rocket science. It all comes down to making a decision to being consistent in following an effective plan of action.

Go to for more information.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Speed Camp is here

It is for those that have never received formal training on proper running mechanics.

Instruction on proper arm action during sprint phase

Basic Acceleration drills to work on proper shin angle

Proper warm-up before sprinting

Basic bodyweight exercises to increase strength

Improve your conditioning level, flexibility, and core strength

Mondays and Fridays from June 2nd- June 27th at 5:45 p.m.- 6:15 p.m. We will meet at the Ragsdale YMCA at the track on the second floor.
The cost is $35 per week for 1 month for 2 classes a week on MF.

We are only allowing 20 spots. Please respond ASAPTo reserve your spot. All others that do not reserve their spot or pay by May 30th will have to go to the waiting list. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lift Big Weights and Fat Loss

Most people are afraid of lifting heavy weights. Don’t believe me… then take a look
at the squat rack at your gym. How many people do you see squatting? The crickets are chirping right now.Especially, during a fat loss phase when some people adhere to a light weight and more rep routine. It just does not make sense to try and attempt more volumewhen your caloric intake is so low. The risk of burning muscle as fuel is too great. Studies have shownthat testosterone decreases after 1 hour of strength training or physical activity. Why in the world would you want to be in the gym pounding your body for 2 hours when you do not have the nutrients necessary to build muscle?

I do not know about you but I am not a fan of the smoothed out look. I know most are wondering what that is, so Iwill tell you. It is when you see people that have lost weight, are skinny, but do not have any muscle tone. That is not a healthy look to me and muscle is one of the most metabolically challenging tissues in the body. No muscle means prepare forthe metabolism to slow down. How much abuse will the body endure with these marathon sessions before it starts to fallapart? Trust me not too much. Most people say, “Well Jim I am not hurt now and I have been doing this for so long.” Thismight be true but when is the last time you have had an assessment to examine muscle weaknesses and imbalances. I wouldsay a great number of people of people suffer from internal rotation of the shoulder complex and tight hip flexors just by having a deskjob or prolonged sitting at the computer. Man…that got me worked up and I am off topic. The point is if you lift heavy weightswith compound movements you will work more muscle in less time which is advantageous when in a caloric deficit during fat loss.Go ahead…be one of those that have muscle, look athletic, and use the Squat rack. You will not be the majority, but if you look at thefat loss statics I doubt you want to side with the majority.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Muscle Building in the Office

Here is a free gift about how to build muscle in the office.

5 Keys to Office Muscle

The holidays can be a train wreck to building muscle. Especially, if you work in an office setting throught out the holidays. Why you might ask? Let's just say everyone brings out the betty crocker in them and starts baking cookies and pies. It's like a junk food fest. If you are not careful it could start you on a month long binge of junk food. The fact is most people know when the Holidays are coming, but never prepare a strategy to turn the office into a muscle building factory. Below I listed several strategies that will build you a rock hard body and keep your hands out the office cookie jar. At least, keep your binges at bay.

1) Park far away from the office - This allows you to enjoy a walk that wil help burn the extra calories that are taken in during the holidays. It also helps the recovery process after some tough workouts in the weight room.

2) Drink plenty of water- Water, not only saturates the cells and moves food properly through your digestive system. It also keeps you full, which decreases the chance of shoving that extra chocolate cake in your mouth.

3) Bring healthy snacks to the office - There is nothing that helps you stay full like snacking periodically throughout the day on snacks that will help you build muscle and keep fat gain at a minimum. It will also regulate your insulin which is beneficial to stopping fat gain. Some examples are beef jerky, nuts, dried fruits, and high protein bars. Keep those snacks nearby and your physique will be the talk off the office.

4) More Activity- It simply makes sense to do more when you eat more. It is a formula of more in and more out for you if you plan to be ripped and muscular during the holidays. This could be just walking around the parking lot during lunch to burn some belly fat and flush out any bad blood from a greuling workout. It is low impact enough that it will not cause any soreness and will be easy to recover from. It is also a great time to ramp up the intensity of your workouts because your feedings will be at an all time high during the holidays. That is a prime time to pack on some serious slabs of muscle. Keep the wokouts short because if you are married like me this is when the wife will have you shopping all over the place.

5) Build a support group- It is great to have people that are after the same goals that you are. It will build accountability and create an atmosphere of success. That is of course if you have motivated people in your group. I like training with people that push themselves to the limit and are not there to talk. It creates an atmposhere for challenges and moving serious weights. If you have ever lifted with some motivated athletes you know all about the atmosphere I am talking about.

Coach Lamour is a performance enhancement specialists in the Jamestown, NC area. He has played football professionally and coached the pop warner level all the way up to college. He has written articles for and currenlty enjoys training fat loss clients and athletes of all ages. He can be contacted at Pick up your free gift at