Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The power of the mind

There has been a lot of talk of positive thinking lately in the news. The new book " The Secret" has sold close to 2 million copies emphasizing how positive thinking can make things happen in yur life. In this book the author describes what she calls the law of attraction, in which thoughts good or bad attract more of whatever they are about. Could there be some truth to this?

I believe that what " The Secret" is writing is nothing new and has been discussed in the bible since the beginning of time. In Proverbs chapeter 23 and verse 7 it says as a man thinketh so is he. What are you thinking about these days? Are you thinking how bad of a day this is going to be? Well, do not be surprised if you do have a terrible day.

The more that I look at people that society have deemed successful the more that I see that they all shared a powerful mind. I am not talking about being knowledgeable, but having an inner belief that what they were attempting was great and would come to fruition. Maybe we have little because we think small. Someone said never consult a small mind with big visions. Again, what are you thinking and who are you talking to?

I know you all are probably thinking what does this have to do with losing fat and gaining muscle. There goes those thoughts again. I have compiled a list of what I believe are ways that the mind can be beneficial in achieving the best fitness level possible.

1) Speak things as though they already happen. What you say with your mouth only confirms what you believe. Speak well of what you are attempting and see if that doesn't help your outlook as well as your results.

2) The central nervous system controls how efficient we are at recruiting muscle fibers to perform the different tasks that we require. I believe if our thoughts are positive we have a better chance of our CNS working optimally.

3) In athletics, as well as any fitness programs mental toughness is one of the biggest difference makers in success. It is also one of the least trained part of many programs.

4) Stress which is controlled by negative thinking can be detrimental to a fitness program. Studies have proven that stress increases cortisol, which is a hormone that negatively effects muscle growth.

I hope that this has made you think about what is going through your head, as well as what you say. Stop saying that this day is going to be awful and that you hate your job. If you continue to be negative I would hope that I am not around you because I do not want to receive what you are attracting.

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