Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playground Fitness Course

The Playground Fat Loss and Strength Course

The Questions:
1) Exercise takes too long
2) The diet is very restricted
3) Personal Trainers are very expensive
4) The Lifestyle is hard to maintain
5) The results do not last

The Solutions:

1) Density training gets results in as little as 25 minutes
2) Learn how to eat more and still enjoy foods that you like
3) The course is 5 months long at a total cost of $1000, which is $50 per week/ Money Back guarantee if you follow program and do not get results.
4) The system is about creating a lifestyle that can be maintained forever and is not a diet
5) Once you have learned the system, built strength, and muscle you will look great for the rest of your life

Where and When

The course is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 a.m.- 6 a.m. at Jamestown Park. The camp starts on August 12th and with it limited to 10 people you will want to respond quickly to ensure your spot.

What is included?

1) Strength Training Routine
2) Meal Plan
3) Small Group Accountability atmosphere
4) My Experience with hundreds of clients
5) Fat Loss Results
6) Flexibility Training
7) Monitoring from strength coach/ Tracking of results
8) Before and After pictures
9) Discount on Supplements
10) Access to me by email

Who is at the playground camp?

This camp will be limited to 10 participants that will be screened to make sure that they are serious.

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