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Unleash your Primal Edge Review

Unleash Your Primal Edge by

Elliot Hulse

This book takes an in depth look into increasing your health and strength through a holistic approach. The information that fascinated me about this book was the numerous studies that were performed on primitive society. The book explains how the North American Indians and Africans would survive on a diet that was very dependant on meat intake. The interesting part was both of these primitive civilizations would choose the meats that had the most fat, and typically the organs. The organs were consumed because of the amount of vitamins that were located in them. It might be hard to believe that these people were healthy in the anti-fat society that we live in, but they were very healthy. The book features several combinations of exercises from beginner to advanced. There are several descriptions and pictures that demonstrate an endless variety of exercise and stretches.

The book is written in an easy to read format and can be used by any trainee with goals ranging from fat loss to some serious muscle gain. The goal of this book in my opinion was to show us that we could live a very healthy lifestyle without complete food restrictions if we exercise daily, strength train, and make an effort to control the quality of food that we consume. I would recommend this book to anyone that is serious about improving their health, eating without restriction, and achieving their fitness goals. Here is an excerpt from the book that found very interesting:

The Primal Edge in The North American Indians
After some time in Europe Dr. Price came back to America to study the various
native peoples of his homeland.The Native American’s lived for thousands of years completely isolated from “TheWhite Man”. These folks have adapted to their given environments and havelearned how to live WITH the land, not just on it.

The Indians of Canada and the Northern Regions
About them:

These folks lived in some cold weather! It was seventy below at some points.
This meant that they were definitely not farmers and if you told them that you had
to eat 7-12 servings of grains a day (food pyramid) they would put a hex on you!
They ate meat, meat and meat with some meat on the side. Every part of the
animal was eaten. Of greatest importance were the organs of the animals that
they ate. These wise people knew that it was in the organs that all of the potent
nutrition resided… not in the lean meat. In fact if the meat wasn’t fatty enough it
was fed to the dogs! (1)

Think about that the next time some puppet tells you to eat only lean meats and
chicken breast.There was no Colon Cancer… so out the window goes the Meat = Colon Cancer Theory.

These were rugged and intelligent people.
“They lived in a country in which grizzly bears were common. Their pelts were
highly prized and they captured many of them with baited pitfalls. Their
knowledge of the use of the different organs and tissues of the animals for
providing a defense against certain of the affections of the body which we speak
of a degenerative diseases was surprising.” (1)

Their “Fad Diet” consisted of:

• Wild Animals Of The Chase – Bear, Moose, Deer, Caribou etc. These
people were strong because the animals that they ate were strong. The
wild game that served as a staple in the Native American’s diet were
respected for their life-giving properties and lived off of the organic land
before being sacrificed for human consumption. I wonder where that
chicken nugget you had for lunch came from?

• Animal Organs – From the Rooter to the Tooter! The Natives knew that
the most nutritionally potent parts of the animal meal were the organs. In
fact when a kill was made, our savvy ancestors would immediately cut it
open and eat the adrenal glands, liver, pancreas and heart first. All the
other meat was either stored for later of given to the dogs… especially the
despised lean-meat.

• Veggies – If they were in the stomach of the animal. Why waste valuable
time and energy looking for veggies and cooking them when our friendly
animals will do all the work for us. The animals are so kind that they are
even willing to predigest the plant food for us. Primal man knew that meat
is much more nutrient dense than grains and greens so he ate the animals
who condensed all of the plant nutrition into tasty little bites.

• Sea Food – Fish, Fish Eggs and Sea Weed. Today our oceans are so
polluted that it is nearly impossible to get your hands on some clean,
untainted fish. So I don’t suggest dining out for sushi every evening. Fish
oil is essential and should be a part of every man’s diet. In the resources
section I will tell you how to get some really clean fish and what fish oils
are the best to use.Like the Swiss folks these people were not only healthy of body, they were ofsound emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Their nourishment andlifestyle is the obvious cause of this.

Listen to Dr. Price:

“The sense of honor among these tribes seems so strong that practically all
cabins, temporarily unoccupied due to the absence of the Indians on their
hunting trip, were entirely unprotected by locks… The people were remarkably
hospitable, and where they had not been taken advantage of were very kind.” (1)
These, like all of the people that Dr. Price studied were very healthy until they
came into contact with “modernized” peoples. It has been noted that medical
care and surgeries were almost unheard of amongst the folks living traditional
lives but, were rampant among those who adopted the “White Man’s Ways”.
For you to regain your Primal Edge, and avoid sickness and surgeries, take a
lesson from these people… Eat Real Food. I don’t care if your favorite athlete
tells you that it will make you run faster or hydrate you better than water, if it
wasn’t here 10,000 years ago- don’t eat it.

Unleash Your Primal Edge

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