Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fat Loss Success

I wanted to give some props to two of my clients that I designed a program for. They both had the same goal of fat loss, but that does not mean that I designed the same workout for both. A long time ago I used to work for a commercial gym and one of the perks of signing up for a membership was a generic program that everyone followed. Needless to say that most of the people did not get any significant results. Does the doctor prescribe the same medicine for a cold as he does bronchitis? Of course not! Training must follow the same formula. Everyone has their own weaknesses, dietary needs, and different responses to strength training. There is no magic pill like the fat loss industry would like us to believe or one size fits all program. It takes hardwork and discipline to lose weight, gain strength and muscle. It includes learning what exercise program works for you and gets you the results you are looking for. Let me give you several reasons why both of my clients lost 3 pounds a week.

1) They cleaned up their diet. They stayed away from fried and high fat foods. Ate veggies and fruits, got healthy fats from nuts, and fish, decreased their carb intake. Drank plenty of water and ate lean protein.

2) Peformed strength routines with weights as resistance along with body weight exercises.

3) Focused on improving reps, sets, time each week.

4) Accountability to me

5) Got focused and made up their mind that they would complete their mission

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