Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What is dying in your life?

I attended easter service this past weekend and the topic was about Christians living a resurrected life. Pastor explained how Christians should not have anything that dies in their lives when they are living a resurrected life. Even death cannot be seen as death because if you believe in heaven and have met the requirements you are simply just transferring to another location and not completley gone. This message made me ponder how many people have fitness goals but for whatever reason have allowed them to die. Below I have listed several reasons why our fitness goals die.

1) Faith - Whatever the object of your faith is will determine what you receive from what you believe. Whenver you sit on a chair you believe that the chair will hold you up, but since your faith is in a chair you can only get what the chair produces. What are you putting your trust in? Is it something or someone that has the ability to help you or is limited?

A)We do not believe the program that we are using will produce the results that we seek
B) We believe the lie that we are getting old and our metabolism has slowed down
C) We believe that we cannot lift the weight because we are not very strong
D) We believe what negative people have spoken over our lives

2) Hope - What do you expect to happen when you step out on the sports field or gym?Do you expect to have a great workout and dominate your sport? If you do not expect greatness chances are greatness will not come near you.

A) Hope that you run that great 40
B) Hope that you look like you are 20 again

3) Vision- If you cannot see yourself as being successful at the goal you are seeking then you have nothing to look forward to. Don't ever stop dreaming about what you see yourself accomplishing because it keeps you focused on the destination.

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