Friday, April 27, 2007

Get your mind right!

HAYS, Kan. - Sitting on the front row in her college classes carefully taking notes, Nola Ochs is just as likely to answer questions as to ask them. That's not the only thing distinguishing her from fellow students at Fort Hays State University. She's 95, and when she graduates May 12, she'll be what is believed to be the world's oldest person to be awarded a college degree.

It is amazing to see someone have so much determination that they are willing to pursue a college degree at the age of 95. This example of perseverance shows us none of us have any excuses as to why we cannot achieve our dreams in life. If your goal is fat loss than you need to put away anything that is not helping you achieve that goal. It might be poor eating habits, unsupportive people, lack of strength training. If your goal is becoming stronger than you need to get to weight room and start eating properly. I believe anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Life is full of trials and tribulations, but it is how you react to them and how you use them that will determine your success. I will never forget what Loren Johnson who played football at Virginia Tech told me one summer. We went to the same high school and he was in town for the summer and he showed me his strength and conditioning manual which stated if you have trouble finding a place to lift weights find a way to get strong. That statement stayed with me for the remainder of life because it taught me when you want something bad enough you will not let anything stand in the way of your success. In my years of coaching people for fat loss, as well as athletes to increase speed and strength the one reason some were successful and others were not was perseverance. They both had the same information, but the ones that stopped making excuses and attacked their missions were the ones that made incredible gains.

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