Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't leave home without it

Today I made a crucial mistake. I left home this morning without my pre-workout snack. I paid for it during the workout and felt real sluggish. The pre-workout snack should consist of some quality protein, carbs, and something that helps make you mentally alert. Some people might try to make their own mixture of these ingredients, but I just want something that is very easy to grab so early in the morning. I have found the defranco bar to be my energy bar of choice. I know what you might be saying, " Not another protein bar." I have probably tasted a ton of protein bars in my life and I will agree that most of them taste like a pile of chalk with very little benefit. However, I have found the defranco bar to actually give me a steady boost of energy through out my workout and the necessary macronutrients to complete my workout with some gusto to spare.

Bar Stats:
When on the go, use the DeFranco Energy Bar as a convenient meal replacement. The appetite-suppressing effects of high protein, L-Tyrosine & caffeine combination should keep you energized & satisfied until your next meal.Nutrition Facts* Calories – 300* Protein – 28g* Total Carb – 26g* Sugars – 8g* Total Fat – 8g* Saturated Fat – 5g* L-Tyrosine – 1800mg* Caffeine – 115mg . You can purchase it at

5/16 Workout
Front Squat- Worked up to 4x5 135,185,205,225
Pull-Ups- BW 4x5
Bench- Worked up to 3x6-8 135,185,225,275, 225-8,6,6
DB Split Squat- 8,7,6 each leg
Dips- 3x8 w/ Isp Holds
Plank- 3x 30 sec holds

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