Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Gym

I went to the gym and as always it was an entertaining experience. I have a membership at the local YMCA and there are some things that always seem to happen when I am there. There was a trainer that had a middle aged lady doing med. ball squats on the Bosu Ball. Are you kidding me? I almost puked right there. You have no business on an unstable surface if you are not strong enough to manipulate your body weight. It's no wonder that this lady's body has not been transformed and will never be transformed until she raises her metabolic debt with intervals and resistance training. It is awful to see people flush money away with trainers that create entertaining circus acts that make you tired and get no results. Remember that anyone can get you tired but it takes a professional to help you lose weight, be an athlete, or become brutally strong.

The second story made me laugh so hard I could not contain myself. I am not one to laugh at other's misfortunes, but I can't believe how much misinformation there is out there. There is one guy in the gym that benches and curls with a weight belt on. I understand the belt going on when you are deadlifting or squatting heavy weight. Although, the belt should be used as a reference point to push out your stomach against the belt, so that you spine is braced for absorbing the weight. The downside of the belt when used improperly is that it shuts off the natural stabilizing ability of the stomach muscles. The moral of the story is take of the weight belt and get stronger stomach muscles.

Another thing that puzzles me is that everyone thinks they are an expert at weight training. How else can you explain why so many train themselves? Many people see the need for an expert accountant, expert surgeon, and expert engineer. But when it comes to learning proper exercise technique, progression tactics, and program design most trainees feel they are the expert. I guess that is why most people in the gyms look the same year end and year out. I better go over my workout before I blow a gasket.

Rack Lock outs
3x3-5- Worked up to 405 lbs.

Lo Row
4x10+10- 120 Lbs.

Shoulder Press - 135 lbs.
Chins-n-Dips- Bodyweight

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