Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Football Time

It's football time for anyone that enjoys football. I coach my ten year old's tackle football team, so it is coaching time for me. I cannot help but look at the training of some of the other coaches that share the field with us, since I am a peformance coach. One of the biggest mistakes I see is the use of lactic acid training. This is training that is done for more than 20 seconds continuously, which release a lot of lactic acid. Lactic acid has been shown to be a contirbutor of muscle soreness. The young body at the ages of 7-12 cannot process lactic acid well, which is why training this way causes more of a diminishing training effect. Why do coaches continue to run these little guys into the ground?

I think it is matter of old school thinking. Their coaches from the past have convinced these coaches that running this way is the only and best way to prepare for sports. The problem is most of these coaches are basing these beliefs on what type of conditioning was acceptable for them in college or high school. The problem is these kids are not in high school or college. What should be done to condition these young kids? I keep all conditioning drills 20 seconds or less and allow complete recovery. The point is that these kids are very untrained and conditioing should be basic and not produce lactic acid to produce the best effects.

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