Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Such a time as this

Everyone is in a such a time as this experience. What is this experience you might ask? These are questions you ask in life that you can't answer. For instance, the family you were born into, the place you live, the height you are, and the daily trials you go through. Only God can answer these questions. The point is there are certain things that are going to be in your life for the meantime and there is nothing you can do about it. What you do in that meantime could determine how you live life on a daily basis.

Training for a goal is no different. You might not like the way that you look in the meantime, being second string on a sports team, or your overall health. You can choose to complain on a daily basis, believe you do not have time, and accept your situation. Option 2 would be to find a reputable fitness coach, gain some confidence, learn as much as you can while going to the process, and knock your goals down one at a time. It's not what you do in the meantime, but what you learn that will determine your continued success.

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